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Fullerton Photography FAQ

Got FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)? Well, we've got FAA (Frequently Answered Answers) for you!... Read on and be amazed, or maybe, just have some questions answered.

Q1 - How long have you been shooting and what types of cameras?

A1 - I started shooting as the "family photographer" as soon as I was finished with high school and have gotten more involved with events and jobs as the time progressed. I started off with a simple Vivitar 35mm point-and-shoot, then obtained my first real digital camera - a 2.0MP Canon S10 back around 2002. I upgraded to a Canon S1 IS "bridge" camera in 2003. I then obtained a Canon 10D DSLR in mid 2006, a Canon 5D Mark II in 2009, and a Canon 5D Mark IV in 2016. I may not have 35 years' experience, but I have steadily learned and adopted with new techniques, environments, and equipment with the time I've been shooting. In late 2016, the 5D Mark II was finally retired and the body and lens upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark IV and EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM II, respectively, along with accompanying accessories. I also utilized a Canon 1DX Mark II in late 2018 for a destination wedding for photography and 4K60 video needs. In 2020, I upgraded to the stunning Canon R5; a full-frame 45 MP sensor built on the RF mount that is lightning fast and very capable. Fullerton Photography focuses on always improving gear to meet the needs of the Client. In addition, I also added a BG-R10 Battery Grip,  LP-E6NH Batteries, and an additional 512 GB of  CFExpress Memory to aid in higher resolution capture of your day.

Q2 - Lenses?

A2 - With changes in gear come changes in lenses. Obviously with smaller cameras, you generally shoot with the lens you get but with the 10D and beyond, I've had the opportunity to shoot with several lenses with stunning results. I currently own a Canon 50mm F/1.4 USM, Canon 24-105mm F/4L IS USM II, a Canon 70-200 F/2.8 L IS USM II + 2x Extender, two PocketWizard FlexTT5s, and a PocketWizard MiniTT1. I also have shot with a Canon 16-35 F/2.8 L USM, Canon 8-15mm F/4 Fisheye, Canon 15mm Fisheye Prime, and other lenses. Other accessories include Canon BG-E16 / E20 / G6 Battery Grips, 6 LPE6 / 6N batteries, two Canon 430EX II and 430EX III-RT Flashes with Gary Fong diffuser, a Sunpak 55mm polarizer, two Hoya 77mm UV Filters, 320 GB of CF memory, and 192 GB of SD memory.

Q3 - What kinds of Photography should I expect at my event?

A3 - I feel that it is very important to capture the moments people will remember - without being right in their faces all the time. As such I will use a mixture of lenses to obtain the best possible shots whether on my own or if suggested by the Decision Makers of your event (like parents or assistants). Though traditional portrait and group / family / symmetrical photos will be taken, I utilize a mix of "candid" or freelance shooting to capture the atmosphere of your event as well. Artistic photos are oftentimes very cool, but not when you're rushed or don't have the time! These may be taken sparingly or moreso attempted during the engagement or at other times rather than when you're going down the aisle.

Q4 - How does your payment system work?

A4 - Here at Fullerton Photography, my focus is doing the best job I can for my clients' events. Upon final consultation and arrangements, I request 33% down payment of your package price in the form of cash, check, money order., or by credit / debit card. Another 33% is due the day of your event. The remaining balance is due after two weeks of the events' occurrence. If you have your wedding on August 1st, I would need the final payment no later than the 15th of the month. If you know payment will be a concern, please speak with me and I'm sure we can arrange a schedule. Failure to pay within two weeks gives the Photographer right to withhold all media / data from the Customer until payment is made in full. The payment rate for any Freelance Contract or Ala-Carte Contract is comprised of 50% deposit and 50% balance with the balance due on the day of your event.

Q5 - What happens if you're sick and can't make it to my event?

A5 - It is regrettable that this should ever happen. Aside from taking good care of himself, the Photographer should never have this happen. I will make every effort however, to make sure that I do not miss your event! For full binding Refund Terms, please review Page #33 of the Contract.

Q6 - What happens if the Photographer's Equipment is damaged at my event?

A6 - On the rare chance of something getting broken, the Photographer, like any business, has insurance for protection; thus making this a non-issue.

Q7 - Oh No! My long-lost Sisters' Cousins', Fourth Uncles' Twice-Removed Third Sister-In-Law's Poodle named "Fu Fu" died! I'm going to have to cancel my event! Are there late fees?

A7 - Likewise, this hopefully shouldn't happen too much! First, take a break, sit down, breathe deeply, and believe that everything will be ok. If an event is for some reason, impossible to reschedule or permanently cancelled, all deposit monies will be refunded as per the Refund Policy timeframe on Page 30. If your event just needs to be rescheduled (within a month or so), I will try (but can not guarantee) that I can attend the latter date. With that being said, the Photographer's Time is valuable and if an event is postponed, not only does that mess up your day but also makes me prepare for nothing.
To be fair to both parties, a fee of 1 hours’ rate will be assessed to the Client from their Package of choice. An example of this is a Client books the Photographer for a $1,500 Package and then reschedules the wedding date significantly in advance where the Photographer is at risk of original date loss, the Client will be assessed an extra charge of $150.00. Failure to pay this fee within one (1) month of the originally scheduled event's date will be dealt with in a courteous but concise approach by the Photographer from telephone calls and emails to legal action if necessary. Don't worry though. This will rarely occur and should it happen, please consult with me at earliest convenience if you feel this will be a concern.

Q8 - My event is longer or shorter than anticipated - whether discovered through pre-planning or at the event itself. Do I get a credit, refund, or does the price change?

A8 - A good question - not everyone can plan their event perfectly the first time and the Photographer is understanding of that. If your event comes radically (several hours) below the specified time of your package rate, please consult with me for a reduced price. If cash is provided, I can work out a revised payment at or immediately after your event.
If your event likewise goes longer than anticipated, that is easy to understand with the excitement of The Day! To be both courteous and understanding of this fact while still being paid for my time is, I think, an understandable observation. The rate of $150/hr. applies for every hour beyond the Customer's package form timeframe, evaluated every 15-30 minutes. I will still do my best to communicate to a Client when they are approaching their Package time limit and do my best to ensure that everything desired has been covered to satisfaction and even then, only bill additionally if absolutely necessary.

Q9 - Your prices are too high! Can I get a lower price?

A9 - Although I would love to say yes, the Photographer likewise has bills and expenses just as the Customer does. I have attempted to be very fair in my pricing packages compared to other studios and photography businesses and, depending on package, a decent amount lower than what other photographers charge. If however, there are several features in an extended package form that you do not wish for me to include (you want a trimmed or more basic package), please consult with me to indicate your needs and I will evaluate a potential price reduction. The Photographer is not Obligated however, to charge less simply because he is asked. A common request is to waive the Engagement Session in lieu of additional hours or reduced rates. Please consult with Doug and he will determine prices on a case-by-case basis. That being said, we are proud of the Service and Honor our Armed Forces members have performed during duty and as such, offer a Military discount of 10%.

Q10 - Refunds?

A10 - If it is necessary to request a refund, please review the policies here or by viewing Page 33 of the main PDF contract.

Q11 - Credit or Debit?

A11 - If the client wishes to pay any package, freelance photography, or prints with a credit or debit card, this can now be facilitated via the SquareUp interface in person or over the phone. Please call Fullerton Photography for details.

Q12 - I understand Fullerton Photography is technically a single-person business. Do you offer any type of assistant or second photographer for your weddings / events?

A12 - We understand the value of ensuring that all important photos and poses are captured during your important day. That is why Fullerton Photography includes a second photographer (assistant) in all packages at no charge to the client.

Q13 - Bitcoins?

A13 - Yes, we use coins and are proud to be one of the first photography studios to do so! Please review our specific literature here or contact us should you have any questions.

Q14 - What about those Archival Discs?

A14 - As of December 2011, we welcome clients to archive their wedding and event photos with us! For an additional charge unless mentioned, we will carve your data permanently into Millenniata's inorganic M-Discs. Due to their unique non-degradable nature, the discs' rated lifespan is approximately 1,000 years. The stability has been proven by a 70 page technical research paper produced by the United States Naval Air Warfare Weapons Division of China Lake, CA. For more information, please visit Millenniata directly.
Our decision to not use the standard Gold Discs was made in part due to understanding that the dye layer even in archival gold discs will degrade over time. Since M-Discs do not utilize a dye layer, they resist natural change much better than any other disc technology. The discs can still be physically destroyed of course, but should hold up to flame if stored in a safe-keeping fire-resistant container for short periods of time.

Q15 - Gallery Completion Time?

A15 - Fullerton Photography understands that newlyweds anxiously await their photos once a wedding day or engagement session is completed! Please note that Fullerton Photography wishes to make sure every photo is to your liking and prefers to manually edit every photo by hand. Please allow an estimated 4-8 weeks for the Client’s final gallery to be hosted online for viewing and print purchase from the date of the wedding.
While Fullerton Photography strongly makes efforts to achieve this timeframe, it may become extended beyond 4-8 weeks if the Photographer has backlog in any given month. Most Engagement Sessions are completed within 1-2 weeks of shooting date. If you have questions about when your gallery is ready for viewing, please do not hesitate to contact Fullerton Photography any time.