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Real Estate Photography / Offerings

Welcome Home to your place for Fullerton Photography’s Real Estate offerings! Fullerton Photography has expanded our services into this sector for 2022 offering regular and HDR Photography, 3D Home Scanning with Matterport AXIS, and video tours. Hundreds of Brides and Grooms have been satisfied with Fullerton Photography for their Wedding needs; now it’s time for me to bring that quality to your home or property listing.

A picture of a clean bedroom.
A clean shower and bathroom.
An elegant house stairwell.A small circular breakfast room table overlooking a lake.


Fullerton Photography is pleased to offer serveral photo and video services for the prospective Realtor, Agent, Broker, or home-owner. In addition, Fullerton Photography has partnered with Utah-based Spotlight Media Group for an incredibly powerful backend solution for Agent and Broker MLS data integration making promoting your featured homes a breeze with the Microsite.  No longer do prospects have to comb through Zillow or other realty sites; they can have all property data curated in one place at a glance.

For an example of a Microsite, please click here.


This Package is easy and basic for the Homeowner looking to sell. It includes up to 50 Regular or HDR Still Photos (8K resolution) with no video offerings. Turn-around time is 24-48 hours depending on photo complexity and will take 1-2 hours to shoot.


This package includes up to 25 motion photo scenes via the Matterport AXIS system shot on a high quality modern smartphone for smooth, panable images! These are individualized (not connected) 3D pannable images. Turn-around time is 24-48 hours depending on photo complexity and will take 1-2 hours to shoot.


This package includes up to 25 PoVs around the home / property of video pans and light motion scenes. Generally horizonal / landscape orientation. Total film time of roughly 3-5 minutes. Turn-around time of 24-72 hours depending on complexity and will take 1-2 hours to shoot.


This Package utilizes Matterport technology to give prospective buyers a "walkable" home tour using the latest smartphones and software. It really makes you feel as if you're in the space! Turn-around time of 24 hours depending on complexity and will take 2-3 hours to shoot.

One of our most popular options!
View how a model looks here:

If you’re an Agent or Broker, it is recommended to Register, please.
The steps for an order are easy:

1. Click “Order Now” then Register with your Brokerage.
2. Fill in your dashboard details and Property information.
3. Select Packages and check out like any other website cart. Spotlight Media servers use the latest encryption and security for payment processing.

If you’d rather simply give Doug a call to arrange one or multiple services for a property, that is fine too, however he will still need your Brokerage information and payment information manually.

For more photo examples of Real Estate work, please visit the Real Estate site or my Smugmug Gallery!

Some quick guidelines on preparing a home for the photoshoot are available here!