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Hello and welcome to Fullerton Photography LLC! If you're looking to learn more about your photographer, you've come to the right page. So, where to begin? Aside from growing up in an optimistic household and encouraged by a wonderful mother and father, I've made strides to overcome my nearsighted vision my entire life. You may be asking how can someone who is almost blind possibly do photography? Look at almost any art and you will find that oftentimes in what seems to be inhospitable circumstances, people will flourish even though the world looks at that and says "You can't see / hear / walk, etc." and so hastily determines that a person is limited due to some physical condition. Instead of worrying about the negative effects of vision however, I've always felt that I've been a person with a kind heart, noble ambitions, and a positive, long-term oriented perspective on life.

So, with vision concerns aside, I would like to think of myself to this day as someone who enjoys photography because of the expression it gives and the beauty of the art rather than someone just picking up a camera and trying to make a buck; it has been said that if you do not love what you do then why do it? It was originally never my intention - when I picked up my first digital point and shoot Canon S10 a good 20 years ago or so - to be doing wedding or other event photography as a source of income. However as the saying goes, time passes, people change, and like water carving rock, slowly by the actions and attitudes a person has toward their endeavors, so shall it shape them into where their minds' eye casts a vision.

A little about me: I was born in Detroit, MI, December 21st, 1980 and moved to the Milford / Novi area at age 6. After enjoyably attending public schools and graduating Milford High School in 1999, I *knew* from a very young age that skyscrapers and architecture was my passion and promptly enrolled in the University of Detroit Mercy's School of Architecture program. Eventually transferring studies, I stepped out of college after an extensive time in both the SoA and Liberal Arts College of History and Philosophy.

In late 2015, I was fortunate enough to take an extended vacation to the United Arab Emirates and see Abu Dhabi and Dubai for their renowned architecture and culture. Photos from that experience will eventually be added to the galleries.

I also build computers as a hobby and if I'm not behind the camera I'm usually reading tech articles, editing, or playing various MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. My fully water cooled self-built system (mid-2018) is shown below (aka this is where I edit).